Jul 07


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Apr 23


To celebrate Earth Day, Lexmark today released the findings of a Life Cycle Assessment that looked into the environmental impact of discarded toner cartridges. The study found that sending a used toner cartridge back to Lexmark for recycling, as opposed to throwing it away, reduces the overall carbon footprint of that cartridge by up to 60 percent. The company runs free collection programs for its inkjet and toner cartridges. On Lexmark’s website, you can request a prepaid return bag for inkjet cartridges or print a return label for toner cartridges (remember to save the | ...Read More |

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Jan 14

*** Attention ALL Dealers & Re-sellers of INK & TONER products ***

We have added a new feature to www.MyTonerList.com – not only can you bid on the surplus items on the front page, you can now quickly view a list of our current LIVE inventory! Just click the link in the top left corner of the page that says: View my entire inventory !
Please contact me if you’d like to purchase anything we have in stock. garrett(at)supplylinkusa(dot)com

Also, feel free to check out another site of ours, www.SellMySurplus.com – this site displays what we currently have available as well as what we have “on order”, or in other words, what we have coming in soon. This feature lets you know what items are coming in soon. Also, this site lets you have control over the pricing. It allows you to make offers to purchase anything that we have “in stock” or “on order”.

I look forward to doing business!


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Dec 08



If you go to this web site, www.LetsSayThanks.com you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can’t pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services.

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Nov 11

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Oct 26

The quality of digital presentation is being continually enhanced, this is quite apparent as one of the main hassles with computers today is to continually upgrade your hardware to meet with higher quality output. While output is continually being enhanced, hard copy physical output has long been at its peak thanks to laser printers. They are hands down, the best type of printer in terms of quality and speed of output, however they do have a downside as well, lets look at its main benefits and drawbacks in comparison with other printers.

* The main advantage behind these printers is probably its efficiency and speed at printing. Laser printers are also known as ‘page printers’ as they print documents a page at a time, and performs it at a very fast rate.
* They produce highest quality output in comparison with the other types of printers. This is mainly due to the technology behind it as laser printers utilize electro-photography for printing which results in quality output.
* While it is a small issue, noise can be very unproductive and disturbing specially at a work place, laser printers are highly optimized and barely emits any sound.
* They also offer user-friendliness with other features like self-printing, where printing maybe done without supervision thus increasing productivity at the workplace.

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Aug 17

School Supplies: Online stores hit early

As a child, I remember the final weeks of summer meant only one thing: the first day of school was near. Students across the country will soon be forced to say goodbye to their carefree days of summer and return to the classroom. While children typically dread this time of the year, parents may be anxious for an entirely different reason: the expenses of back-to-school shopping. In these tough economic times, parents must stretch their dollar to cover the cost of new clothes, shoes, school supplies, and much more. Given the doomsday predictions about this year’s back-to-school spending, I decided to take a look at the online behavior of back-to-school shoppers for the month of July, and see how their actions compared to this time last year.

First of all, I tracked some popular back-to-school search terms. I saw significant increases in the number of these searches this year, and many websites saw a jump in traffic based on these searches. I focused on five sites that cater to school shopping needs: Office Depot (ODP), Office Max (OMX), Staples (SPLS), Target (TGT), and Walmart (WMT). After all this research, I found a website that specializes in office supplies, www.supplylinkusa.com - they seemed to have the best prices on everything, especially ink cartridges!

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Aug 07

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HP Toner Cartridges Deliver Terrific and Cost-Effective Results

In this modern time, people need print out of certain documents as email is not always compatible. For getting print outs, we need printer or copier that will be using a good quality ink cartridge. For answering this demand, we can have an HP toner cartridge as it helps you in getting world class print out at economical rates. HP toner cartridges has been considered as one of the best cartridges for satisfying the crave of unmatchable prints.

If you have a HP printer, then it is advised you to employ HP toner cartridges as cartridges and printers from a same manufacturing company is compatible. However, HP toner cartridges are compatible with all branded printers. In fact, there is a millions of reasons why you may need to print. Whether you are at home or in the office, for personal or business use, HP toner cartridges have been considered as a necessity, not a luxury. The toner cartridges compatible with your HP printer offer excellent printing results, hence you needn’t compromise on printing quality.

Sealed toner cartridges assure you that what comes to you, whether at home or in the office is cent percent new and not tampered with. Some of the popular advantages of purchasing HP toner | ...Read More |

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Jul 16


What is ink expiration and will it make my HP ink supplies stop working?

What is ink expiration? Why does it exist? Is there something built into HP ink supplies that make them stop working on a certain date? These questions may have crossed the consumer’s mind at some point while printing. The simple fact of the matter, however, is that most HP ink supplies do not have ink expiration dates, so few users are affected. Of the small percentage of HP ink supplies that do have ink expiration dates, some will, indeed, stop working on those dates, while others have dates that can be overridden—causing minimal impact to the overall printing experience.

What is ink expiration?

Basically ink expiration is a built-in date on which certain HP ink cartridges will stop working. Air ingestion and water evaporation can cause ink to change over time. In printing systems where the printhead and ink supply are separate, older ink can adversely impact the printhead and the ink delivery components within the printer. With ink expiration, however, HP can prevent this from happening.

Why ink expiration?

Why do any HP inkjet products have ink expiration dates? To protect the printing system and ensure print quality, some ink cartridges will use an ink expiration date. If the cartridge still has ink on that date, it either stops operating or displays a warning message, which the customer can | ...Read More |

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Jul 10

Supply Link USA

Once you have found your office space and invested in furniture and electronic gear — phones, computers and the like — you still have some shopping to do. That’s right: You need to buy office supplies.

Sounds pretty mundane. All you need are a bunch of pens and some paper, and maybe some message pads. It turns out there’s quite a list of supplies you’ll need to set up a new office — and they are all pretty important to keep your office functioning.

To make sure you have everything on hand that you need, keep these five general guidelines in mind:

1. Keep a small cache of supplies handy. You’ll save a surprisingly large amount of time if you keep essential supplies within easy reach — perhaps in a desk drawer. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself making two or three daily trips to the supply closet. That can break your rhythm and waste your time.
2. Hide supplies you don’t use every day. Stacks of stationary, rolls of tape, piles of legal pads — it all adds up to an unsightly and distracting mess. Stuff you use monthly should be on a shelf; stuff you use less often should be in a closet.
3. Compile and maintain a master list of the supplies you need. Note whenever an item on the list is running low. Once a month or so, replenish supplies so that you won’t run out of fax paper in the middle of an important message.
4. Every couple of months, review your office supply expenses. Target one or two areas for savings and have a staffer do some comparison | ...Read More |

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